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I'd like to apply for a Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Scholarship!

AA MA Scholarship

Reach for a healthcare career full of possibilities

About the scholarships

Supporting our Black communities is as much a moral imperative as a requirement of our daily pursuit of educating and empowering our overlooked, disenfranchised communities.​  This is why Bay Area Medical Academy is offering full Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy scholarships* to African American students residing anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. These scholarships are made possible through our non-profit arm, STEP into a Job!

*Part of the funding will be provided through a student Federal Pell Grant. Conditions apply.  

Black Lives Matter

Bay Area Medical Academy stands in solidarity with the Black community because we know that society cannot be elevated until all people are lifted and have equitable access to political, educational, and vocational resources.  We stand in solidarity because everyone in this country should be able to live free of fear.  We believe human decency, kindness and respect are the rights of every human being.  These things should not be privileges for some but rights afforded to all.

What scholarships are available? 

Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Scholarships are offered that may be completed at either Bay Area Medical Academy's San Francisco or San Jose campuses.  

What are the scholarship eligibility requirements?

Scholarship applicants must*:

  • Reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED with a minimum graduating 2.0 GPA.
  • Submit a typed personal essay answering these three questions:
    • Why do you want to work in healthcare?
    • What would the scholarship mean to you?
    • Tell us about yourself?

*Your essay will be reviewed by the school and funders

Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Training at Bay Area Medical Academy 

With Bay Area Medical Academy's Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Program, you’ll get exceptional Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy and EKG Technician training from an accredited school that's trusted by healthcare employers throughout the Bay Area.  At the end of 900-hour program, you’ll be well-prepared to enter the workforce with three national healthcare certifications.

To learn more about Bay Area Medical Academy's Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Program, please visit:

Real Stories. Real Jobs. 

Bay Area Medical Academy, or BAMA as the school is commonly known, has trained students for long-lasting, upwardly-mobile healthcare careers working at top Bay Area employers. 

Palo Alto Medical Foundation; Stanford Health Care; UCSF Medical Center; and Kaiser Permanente are just a few of the top Bay Area employers that have hired BAMA graduates.

Watch one of our Medical Assistant graduate success stories below!