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I'd like to visit a Pharmacy Technician Class!

SF PT Class Visit

Why visit a Pharmacy Technician class? 

When you join us for a Pharmacy Technician class,  you'll be able to:

  • Experience a Pharmacy Technician class being taught
  • Meet the class instructor and students
  • Learn more about Bay Area Medical Academy's vibrancy, character, and facilities
Visiting a San Francisco Pharmacy Technician class is the best way to make a
fully-informed choice about your future Pharmacy Technician training.

About Bay Area Medical Academy

Since 2006, Bay Area Medical Academy has provided healthcare career training to helps students obtain personally rewarding and livable-wage healthcare jobs in the costly San Francisco Bay Area.  

We provide a nurturing learning environment where every student receives personalized attention. We structure our classes to ensure hands-on learning and provide additional coaching and lab practice hours for students in need.

Watch one of our Pharmacy Technician student success stories below!